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Name : Alexx
Time zone : Central

Hi, i am looking for fandom RP only, with Yaoi M/M smut, my fandoms are as follows

Vampire diaries (stefan x damon only)
Supernatural (Sam x dean only)
Mortal instruments (Jace / Alec, or Alec/ Magnus possible valentine depending on the pairing, possible jace / simon as well)

Things to know

1. I only RP on messenger on the IM's listed above in the Contact info Section.
2. I do Yaoi RP only, (M/M) and i only do RP's with Smut in them, however they normally are not all smut (i will do PWP however if that is what you want..and there will be times that i am craving that sort of thing) they usually have some sort of plot in there somewhere.
3. if you don't feel like RPing, tell me, i'm very understanding and i really like to make friends with my RP partners, and there will be days i just don't feel up to RPing.
4. i like to have plot ideas already thought up for when we have to change to a new scenario (mainly when we run out of ideas for the characters) so if you think of something, run it by me, i may change it slightly but i normally am pretty good about going with the flow
5. i do not do Scat, Watersports, Rape, Non/con, or anything of that nature, including torture, most of the RP's have romance in them somewhere so if that's not your thing well..*shrugs* sorry.

*** i have been looking for PWP between characters, so if you like that idea then add me and we'll talk about it, but i like plot too.

i like to be friends with my RPers, so add me if you wanna have fun with it :D i just finished city of ashes and i'm working on city of glass (For you mortal instrument RPers, so i'm up for some RP with that too :D)

my Search for an RP partner

Disclaimer : before anyone reads this, i only write Yaoi RP's, you can contact me on yahoo messenger via aaplin93@yahoo.com, i have aim but i hardly ever use it, so yahoo is the best way to contact me.

you can also find me on windows live at aaplin93@live.com
Name : Alexx
Time zone : central standard time

i only write fiction RP's because frankly history type ones bore me,  all of my RP's have smut in them somewhere so if that is not your thing please read on ,my characters are usually flexible and able to be uke or seme, depending on who is paired with them. the following lists the fandoms i RP with.

Vampire Diaries
(any final fantasy series)
house of night
true blood
kingdom hearts
(i can do twilight though i've never done it before)
those are just to name a few, if you have any you want to do just ask me and i'll give you a yes or no, sometimes it depends on the characters.

i do original RP's too, and i have original characters that i enjoy using though i also enjoy trying to do series RP's, but i have to know the character pretty well or i tend to feel like im failing the character that is written. I get really attached to my characters, they are as much a part of me as they are the story, i put a small portion of myself in every character i write, be it appearance or personality. i also enjoy when people i rp with bring up ideas, from time to time i'll bring up things for a vote, if you like it good, but dont be afraid to tell me no ^_^

i enjoy becoming friends with those i RP with that way i can better work with them. im good with just friendly discussion if you dont feel like rping some days, just let me know, i dont particularly want to sound like im forcing people to RP  and im a pretty easygoing guy, and as far as friends go i will usually go out of my way to help friends in need.

im a pretty easygoing guy, i may seem shy or quiet at first, but its usually because im trying to learn who you are before i come out and start showing how goofy i am XD hope to get some people IM'ing me :D im always on, usually during the summer its from 10 AM ish, to 2 Am ish. during the fall and spring and winter its usually 4 PM - 12 Am

i dont do daddy kinks, and i only do original characters or pre established ones, meaning no actors. sometmes i'll do master slave but iwant the RP to concentrate on Story, with smut throughout as the romance blossoms, i REALLY want to do a Damon and Stefan RP, one with yaoi and one with someone who can help me actually make a romance with them.