November 22nd, 2010

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Name : Alexx
Time zone : Central

Hi, i am looking for fandom RP only, with Yaoi M/M smut, my fandoms are as follows

Vampire diaries (stefan x damon only)
Supernatural (Sam x dean only)
Mortal instruments (Jace / Alec, or Alec/ Magnus possible valentine depending on the pairing, possible jace / simon as well)

Things to know

1. I only RP on messenger on the IM's listed above in the Contact info Section.
2. I do Yaoi RP only, (M/M) and i only do RP's with Smut in them, however they normally are not all smut (i will do PWP however if that is what you want..and there will be times that i am craving that sort of thing) they usually have some sort of plot in there somewhere.
3. if you don't feel like RPing, tell me, i'm very understanding and i really like to make friends with my RP partners, and there will be days i just don't feel up to RPing.
4. i like to have plot ideas already thought up for when we have to change to a new scenario (mainly when we run out of ideas for the characters) so if you think of something, run it by me, i may change it slightly but i normally am pretty good about going with the flow
5. i do not do Scat, Watersports, Rape, Non/con, or anything of that nature, including torture, most of the RP's have romance in them somewhere so if that's not your thing well..*shrugs* sorry.

*** i have been looking for PWP between characters, so if you like that idea then add me and we'll talk about it, but i like plot too.

i like to be friends with my RPers, so add me if you wanna have fun with it :D i just finished city of ashes and i'm working on city of glass (For you mortal instrument RPers, so i'm up for some RP with that too :D)